Street Art In Brazil

Hey all,

In our travels through Brazil so far we’ve spotted some truly fantastic street art. As residents of Berlin we’re huge fans of street art and of the people who create it (we’re not talking about you taggers)

Brazil has an amazing street art culture, largely due to that fact that it is legal here. Given the rundown nature of many locals I can definitely understand the drive behind having local artists beautify many of the older buildings without having to invest government money.

Especially since government money in Brazil is best kept in the pockets of politicians and pals, but that’s a (longer, drearier) discussion for another day.

To that end we’ve decided to put together a compilation of some of the best works that we’ve spotted while walking. We’ll be updating this regularly so be sure to check back to see new stuff.

So without further ado, the TravelLumps present: Street Art in Brazil!




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