Introduction – What is this Madness?

Hey guys,

Welcome to the blog. This will allow you all to keep tabs on us during our travels without us needing to speak to all of you individually.

Given that we’re both pretty lazy folk status updates will be at best irregular and possibly even non-existent. We’re already way behind having been here for over a week already and only having produced half of our first post. It’s hard to focus on writing when you can be swimming or drinking cocktails.

The blog itself will be chaotically written. I am irritatingly verbose. I have a love of stream of consciousness writing, a disdain for editing and review, and a fantastically horrendous chronological memory. To that extent expect this blog to be obnoxiously detailed, stylistically erratic, deeply confused, highly unorganised, and riddled with errors. In short, it will be me in written form.

That all said, I’d like to invite you guys to check it out.

Should you tire of my ramblings you can see a bunch of Marta’s extra pics in the gallery or on the connected Instagram. Just check the bottom of the page.

Enjoy the blog!

And remember! You’ll be reading all of this in my voice!



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